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The goal of the Northeast ADA Center is to educate and empower the diverse range of ADA stakeholders throughout New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands to increase their knowledge of the ADA, to support our stakeholders to include people with disabilities in local communities, and to implement the ADA in their own lives, workplaces, businesses, and communities.

The Northeast ADA Center is a member of the ADA National Network funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR grant number 90DPAD0003). We provide information, guidance, and training on implementation of all aspects of the ADA. Our center is located at the Yang-Tan Institute at Cornell University. Our staff consists of individuals with and without disabilities who have extensive experience in the disability field.

the ADA staff networking at the 2017 Symposium event
ADA service animal session, 2017

Northeast ADA Staff

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Wendy Strobel-Gower, MS
About Wendy
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Joe Zesski, MDiv
Assistant Director
About Joe
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Michelle Alvord
Outreach and Dissemination Coordinator
About Michelle
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Alexis Boytsov
Project Assistant
About Alexis
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Hsiao-Ying (Vicki) Chang, PhD, CRC
Research Associate
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LaWanda H Cook, PhD, CRC
Senior Extension Associate/Training Specialist
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Jennifer Perry
Access Specialist
About Jennifer
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Sarah von Schrader, PhD
Associate Director of Research
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Chris Sweet, MS
Technical Assistance/Outreach Specialist
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Jeffrey Tamburo, LMSW
Senior Extension Associate/Training Specialist
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Affiliate Staff

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Yessica M Guardiola-Marrero
Technical Assistance Specialist, Puerto Rico
About Yessica
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Archie Jennings, Esq
Managing Attorney for the Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands
About Archie

Our Partner Organizations

The Northeast ADA works with various organizations regionally and nationally. The Center has affiliate partners in New Jersey (Resources for Independent Living), Puerto Rico (Movimiento para el Alcance de Vida Independiente), and the US Virgin Islands (the Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands). These affiliates contribute to the Northeast ADA’s mission and function as well as provide insight into local disability trends and concerns. Nationally, the Northeast ADA is a member of the ADA National Network (ADANN) and collaborates with other centers in the ADANN. Finally, the Northeast ADA partners with the ADA Knowledge Translation Center of the University of Washington in data tracking and in developing materials for the ADANN.

RIL logo

Resources for Independent Living, New Jersey Affiliate

Resources for Independent Living (RIL) is a community based member organization whose purpose is to serve people with disabilities. Membership is open to all people with disabilities, their able-bodied friends, and supporters. RIL promotes personal growth and empowerment through choice, self-determination and participating programs providing information, education, skills development, and networking opportunities.

Joe Zesski, a Resources for Independent Living staff person, provides training and technical assistance on behalf of the Northeast ADA Center. Through his efforts as a TA Specialist, trainer, and staff person at an ILC, he has been able to provide us with insight into the needs of ADA Stakeholders in New Jersey, help to promote ADA implementation, and ensure training and information needs are being met, throughout New Jersey.

MAVI logo

Movimiento para el Alcance de Vida Independiente (MAVI), Puerto Rico Affiliate

MAVI serves as our affiliate organization in Puerto Rico. This partnership is invaluable to promoting increased implementation of the ADA in Puerto Rico. It is critical that the Northeast ADA Center provide staff that not only speak Spanish, including Puerto Rican Spanish, but also understand the unique culture in this territory. Yessica M. Guardiola Marrero, an attorney with a vision impairment serves as a trainer and technical assistance specialist on our behalf across Puerto Rico.

DRCVI logo

The Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands (DRCVI)

The DRCVI serves as our affiliate in the U.S. Virgin Islands. DRCVI was created on October 1, 1977 and was then known as the Committee on Advocacy for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc., and later as Virgin Islands Advocacy, Inc. In their role as a Protection and Advocacy agency, they provide legal advocacy services to eligible person with disabilities in the U.S. Virgin Islands. As well as filling the role of the protection and advocacy agency for the U.S. Virgin Islands, DRCVI offers information and training about the ADA in the Virgin Islands on behalf of the Northeast ADA Center. The DRCVI staff involved in this project include Amelia Headley Lamont, Archie Jennings, and Kishma Creque.


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