The Northeast ADA Center is not an enforcement agency nor does it provide advocacy services. The information and materials provided by the Center is intended solely as informal guidance and are not a determination of your legal rights or responsibilities. All communication with the Center is confidential.

We provide the following services to support knowledge and implementation of the ADA:

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Trainer Leadership Network

The ADA Trainer Leadership Network (TLN) is a network of individuals seeking to make change in their communities. TLN members educate and inform stakeholders in their communities using a basic ADA curriculum that consists of modules addressing all aspects of ADA implementation. The curriculum, developed by the Northeast ADA, has been nationally vetted through careful review by members of the ADA National Network and other professionals. The entire curriculum is available in both Spanish and English. Membership in the TLN is achieved through participation in an educational experience that instructs participants in the use of the curriculum, in best practices in training around the ADA and disability inclusion, and in the Center’s standards of practice and code of conduct.

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The Northeast ADA's outreach efforts are intended to ensure that our stakeholders in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands know of our services and information. The Northeast ADA aims to be the premier resource on the ADA for the region. It is important for our stakeholders to know us and for the Northeast ADA to hear from and share knowledge with those in the area we serve. We seek to connect with stakeholders through our website, social media, public service announcements, tabling events, and sharing ADA related materials upon request.

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Information Dissemination

The Northeast ADA provides informational materials in formats that are accessible and address our stakeholders’ needs. We design materials that are intended to educate the initial user, to facilitate conversations with people who have rights and/or responsibilities under that law, and to support implementation of the ADA in local communities through increased knowledge of how to comply with the law and why the law is critical to inclusive communities. We produce fact sheets, best practice and how to guides, infographics, blog posts and, other forms of information sharing.

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Technical Assistance on the ADA

Technical Assistance specialists with strong expertise in various facets of the ADA (and other disability-related regulations) respond to direct, on-demand requests from stakeholders, connecting them with targeted resources, referrals and information tailored to their individual questions and concerns on disability-related issues. The Center’s TA specialists strive to provide responses that can be immediately applied to the user’s issue by sharing real-world examples and using plain language in all interactions.

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The Northeast ADA offers demand-response as well as targeted trainings on identified needs. Demand response trainings are based on specific requests by stakeholders in our region. Targeted trainings are proactively offered to select stakeholder groups based on identified needs and will be promoted through outreach. These targeted trainings will focus on implementation of the ADA in healthcare facilities and in small employer organizations, and on facility access. Trainings are delivered in-person as well as online through live and pre-recorded webinars and topical web portals. No matter the format of our training, we work closely with our stakeholders to ensure the content of the training meets the needs of the organization who requests it.

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Customized Service Agreement

Customized Service Agreements allow us to work directly with target organizations facilitate implementation of the ADA. The Northeast ADA Center is seeking to partner with healthcare facilities who are seeking to improve access to health care for people with disabilities, public or private entities who wish to improve facility access and small employers (including state and local government employers) who wish to improve implementation of Title I. Partnership entails an assessment of needs and intensive technical assistance, training, and consultation around ADA implementation. Work is conducted according to a mutually agreed upon work scope and takes place over the course of one year.

The Northeast ADA Center Also Provides:

Disability Research

The Northeast ADA Center’s research efforts primary focus is to identify regionally-specific barriers, facilitators, and best practices for implementing Title I (employment) of the ADA in small private and public sector organizations. The Center aims to identify a package of innovative approaches that eliminate or reduce barriers to ADA compliance and support these organizations in maximizing disability inclusive employment practices across New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. As a result of this project, small-business and small public-sector employers will enhance their capacity to implement Title I of the ADA in ways that will result in improved hiring, retention, and experiences of individuals with disabilities in these workplaces.

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Referrals to Experts

Often, the Northeast ADA receives questions or requests that go beyond our focus on the ADA or outside of our role providing technical assistance, training, or disability research. As a result, staff may refer individuals or organizations to other carefully selected agencies or entities for further assistance or for more appropriate support. For example, if someone contacts our staff wishing to file a complaint of job related discrimination, we would review the person's rights with her but direct the individual to the appropriate enforcement agencies to file a complaint as the Northeast ADA does not provide either advocacy or enforcement.

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