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Forms for Flying with a Service Animal

Q: I frequently travel with my service dog, Max. I'm getting ready for a cross-country flight. The airlines now require a Department of Transportation (DOT) form to be filled out and sent back at least 48 hours prior to a flight. Where do I send in this form? 

A: The DOT's Service Animal Air Transportation form (SAAT) needs to be provided to the air carrier that is asking you to fill out the form. These forms are not reviewed by the DOT at all. They are simply created by the DOT for airlines to use as a review and attestation tool.  You will need to contact your air carrier as to where they want you to send in the form. Besides other information, the SAAT form verifies for the airline that Max is properly trained, has necessary vaccinations, knows how to behave appropriately, and is free of fleas, ticks, or diseases that could harm humans or other animals.

Now if your trip has a flight lasting longer than 8 hours, then you will also need to complete a Service Animal Relief Attestation form. This document verifies that Max can go for 8 hours without needing to relieve himself. Or if he cannot, the form asks if Max can relieve himself in a sanitary manner. And again, this form would go to the airline carrier.


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