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Pool Lifts at a Resort

Q: Do swimming pool lifts have to be at every pool at a resort? Can one be shared by pools located near each other?

A: Regulations based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) require that pool lifts must be able to be used independently by a person with a disability and must be available for use whenever the pool is open. This essentially means that lifts must be fixed in place, so as to avoid a lift being moved while someone is in the pool who will need it. A lift provides an accessible way out, and not having it available can create a very dangerous situation. If a pool is closed to everyone (for example, if the pool is only open seasonally) then the lift can be stored for the season and put back in place when the pool re-opens.

You can find out more in our fact sheet about ADA Requirements for Swimming Pool Lifts (PDF).


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