Diversity Partners Is Going Live!

Northeast ADA Center Staff April 26, 2020

You told us what you needed, and we created it for you! The Diversity Partners project website contains no-cost online toolboxes for leadership and frontline staff, supported by on-demand technical assistance and training. Join the Diversity Partners Team at 2pm EST on March 29th when we kick off our Diversity Partners Project national launch! [Registration is closed; this webinar took place in 2020.]

The Diversity Partners project is for employment service professionals, including those who work at:

  • Community-based nonprofit organizations serving job seekers with disabilities
  • Workforce development organizations (American Job Center Network)
  • Private staffing firms
  • School personnel working with transition-age youth

The Diversity Partners website contains learning modules in over 20 topic areas, including:

  • Leading with strengths when communicating about job seekers with disabilities to employers
  • Helping job seekers request and negotiate accommodations as needed
  • Building and sustaining mutually beneficial partnerships with the business community
  • Leveraging policy initiatives designed to improve the employment rate of people with disabilities

The Diversity Partners Toolbox for Frontline Staff can be used to:

  • “Up-skill” existing employees or train new staff in the competencies required to build and sustain partnerships with businesses on behalf of job seekers with disabilities
  • Train staff who would like to improve their confidence and knowledge in assisting job seekers with disabilities
  •  …and more!

The Diversity Partners Toolbox for Leadership can be used to:

  • Assist with creating a culture of learning and organizational change to support the strategies recommended in the Frontline Toolbox
  • Design and execute effective cross-sector and inter-agency collaborations
  •  …and more!

The Diversity Partners team spent 2 years listening to Employment Service Professionals and working with employer stakeholders to develop resources that can improve business relationships to benefit job seekers with disabilities and create overall excellence in serving job seekers with disabilities. 

1 credit hour of CRCs is offered.