#Thanks to the ADA—New Jersey

Northeast ADA Center Staff July 27, 2020

As we approach the 30th Anniversary of the ADA, many people are celebrating how far we have come, as well as reflecting on how far we still have to go. The Northeast ADA Center is part of the ADA National Network. We have reached out to people in our region—which includes New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands—to take part in the ADA National Networks, #ThanksToTheADA Campaign to hear what they are thankful for 30 years after passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Here are some voices from our friends in New Jersey:

“Before the ADA in 1987, I was asked to consult on new construction for my companies new building. The owner and President asked me to work with our architect to assure not only I with my scooter at that time had acceptable access to and from the building, the bathrooms and other areas, but visitors and other employees as well. It was great to see someone care about his employees and care about people in general. Of course, after the ADA, I completed the training on Titles 1, 2 & 3 through the Northeast ADA Training Center. I have for 20 plus years provided guidance and/or advocacy related to the ADA requirements for individuals and around systems issues. In 2010, I was asked to help organize and participate in round table discussions with Congressman Rush Holt for input to the ADA Amendments Act. The ADA has certainly been a big positive for me and so many others I have known or worked with over the years.”
—Scott Elliott, Executive Director, Progressive Center for Independent Living

“After being an abled-bodied person for most of my life, I became disabled in the later years of my life. Terrified of being in a position of requiring some assistance in carrying out certain tasks on my own. I was very concerned. I knew nothing about the multitude of services that were available to People with Disabilities (PWD). I wanted to continue working and being as independent as possible. In my job search, I came upon an agency named the Alliance Center for Independence (ACI) in Edison, New Jersey. This agency made me aware of a completely new culture of agencies that provided help to all people with multiple disabilities. I also learned about the ADA and a multitude of help not only to my disability, but also to all with varying disabilities. Imagine that! An agency and a network that covered all people with varying disabilities. Thank you ACI  and the ADA!”
—Eulanda Brooks