Virgin Islands Developmental Disabilities Council: Proposed State Plan 2017-2021 Goals

Northeast ADA Center Staff April 26, 2020

Dear Community Stakeholder: The Virgin Islands Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. (VIDDC) is requesting public comments for the proposed 5-Year State Plan goals. The VIDDC is one of 56 federally funded, self-governing  State Councils on Developmental Disabilities (Councils) whose key purpose is to advance public policy, provide capacity-building  and systems change activities that help these individuals gain more control over their lives. All DD Councils are required to develop and submit and subsequently obtain approval of its 5-Year State Plan required for federal funding. Please post our proposed 5 Year State Plan goals to allow our community to review and comment on our goals. Please forward this document to other community members that you know. We thank you in advance for your assistance.

Yvonne D. Petersen
Territorial Executive Director
VI Developmental Disabilities Council E-mail:
Phone:  340) 773-2323 Ext. 2137

Request for Public Comments
The Virgin Islands Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. (VIDDC) announces the release of its proposed 2017-2021 State Plan goals for public comment. Under federal law, each state and territory DD Council receives funds to carry out advocacy, capacity building and systems-change initiatives. Through these activities, DD Councils improve and expand opportunities for the independence, productivity, inclusion and integration of people with developmental disabilities in their communities.

Federal law further requires DD Councils to develop five year state plans that guide their activities and ensure that they optimally fulfill their missions on behalf of people with developmental disabilities, their family members, service providers and other disability stakeholders. A DD Council’s state plan provides a basic framework for its principal funding initiatives, staff work priorities and Council member activities. Council members and staff may undertake other activities not included in the state plan as resources permit; however, federal law requires that the primary focus for a Council’s use of federal resources comply with its five year state plan.

DD Council five year state plans are reviewed and up-dated as needed on an annual basis. Achievements of stated goals and objectives are reported in December of each year for the previous federal fiscal year. In accordance with federal requirements, the accompanying draft of the VIDDC’s 2017-2021 State Plan goals is being released for a 45-day public comment period.

Public comment will be accepted through August 4, 2006, and may be submitted to VIDDC as indicated below. Following compilation and consideration of that public comment, VIDDC will amend the plan as appropriate and approve it to take effect October 1, 2016. The VIDDC will plan listening sessions for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families regarding the Council’s proposed state plan goals.

Proposed Goals
Goal 1: The DD Network and other collaborating organizations will provide support for the Territory self-advocacy organization of individuals with developmental disabilities so they can actively engage in efforts that will increase their leadership skills to improve their independence, productivity, self-determination, integration and inclusion within their communities.

Goal 2: The Council in partnership with the DD Network and other collaborating organizations will provide support to establish and maintain a public transportation advisory board comprised of self advocates and other individuals with disabilities to monitor ADA compliance's in the VI to assure accessibility and accommodations for the disabilities population.

Goal 3: The Council in partnership with the DD Network and other collaborating organizations will support and promote initiatives so that parents/caregivers of children with developmental disabilities will increase their skills and abilities to effectively advocate for their educational, social, emotional and health needs.

Goal 4: The Council and other collaborating organizations will support employment initiatives so the individuals with developmental disabilities have increased access to training and skill development.

Goal 5: The Council will raise public awareness through community outreach, and partner with other organizations to promote public policy to ensure individuals with developmental disabilities participate in significant ways and are valued and supported in all facets of community life in the Territory.

You can enter your comments on the state plan here, submit to the agency/organization where you received the proposed state plan goals/public comment document or email the VI Developmental Disabilities Council at, Subject: VIDDC 5-year State Plan public comments.