Welcome to Ask About the ADA, a New Podcast from the Northeast ADA Center!

Joe Zesski January 28, 2021

The Northeast ADA Center’s mission is to educate the public about the Americans with Disabilities Act in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. To put a voice and personality behind this ADA information, we are launching a podcast called Ask About the ADA. Like much of the Northeast ADA Center’s materials, the podcast will promote awareness about the ADA and its implications for daily life, while maintaining and honoring the complexities of the law. With a conversational tone that is easy to understand, the podcast helps listeners navigate ADA issues with action and thoughtful conversation.

The Ask About the ADA podcast has two types of episodes:

  • Weekly episodes focus on frequently asked questions that are posed to the Northeast ADA’s Technical Assistance team. At about 5 minutes long, each episode includes the answers to two, often thematically connected, questions.
  • Once a month, a 15–20-minute episode takes a deeper dive into current and relevant ADA topics and applications. These episodes feature in-depth conversations with experts with insight on how people with disabilities and other stakeholders are impacted by the ADA in an ever-changing world.

The podcast is hosted by Joe Zesski, program manager at the Northeast ADA Center, and produced and edited by Grace Fairchild, a student employee at the Northeast ADA Center and a junior at the Cornell ILR School. Mike Ward, from the Yang-Tan Institute Media Team, contributes to show editing, production, and web operations.

You can find episodes on this site and in many popular podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Stay tuned for new episodes!

To submit a question to be answered on the show, email or call us at 800-949-4232.