Infographic: 2010 Disability Statistics - Prevalence (USVI)

Infographic featuring text on top of an outline of the U.S. Virgin Islands along with icons representing various disability types.
In the U.S. Virgin Islands, there are 10,372 people with a disability. (A person can report one or more of six disability types).
5,468 people have an ambulatory disability.
3,480 people have a visual disability.
3,354 people have an independent living disability.
3,170 people have a cognitive disability.
2,151 people have a hearing disability.
1,791 people have a self-care disability.
Source: Erickson, W. (2014). Disability Status Report: U.S. Virgin Islands. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Yang-Tan Institute (YTI).
If you have questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act, contact the Northeast ADA Center at 1-800-949-4232.


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