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Topics covered will include: -The 2010 ADA Standards scoping requirements for Places of Transient Lodging (i.e. What types of occupancies are required to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards for Places of Transient Lodging?) -Participants will learn about the 2010 ADA Standards Safe Harbor regulations and applicability to existing elements of hotels/resorts that are not being altered. -Technical requirements for achieving accessibility with the 2010 ADA Standards (this will include an overview of the 2010 ADA Standards Sections 224 and 806 requirements for places of transient lodging including Guest Rooms with Mobility Features and Guest Rooms with Communication Features) -Review of updated ADA Regulations applicable to places of Transient Lodging (Service Animals, Hotel Reservations, Mobility Devices, Effective Communication Policies, etc…) Who would benefit from these webinars? -Architects and Design Professionals -Hotel- Resort owners and managers -Hotel management personnel -Property Managers -ADA coordinators -Disability advocates


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