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Can I ask for a new supervisor as a reasonable accommodation?

Probably not. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) states that an employer does not have to provide an employee with a new supervisor as a reasonable accommodation. In addition, multiple court decisions have concluded that an inability to get along with one’s supervisor “does not give rise” to a disability that is protected by the ADA.  Although an employer is not required to change supervisors, the employer may be required to provide other accommodations, such as a change in the supervisory method used. Employees with disabilities are protected from disability-based discrimination or harassment by a supervisor and others in the workplace. Employers may want to consider implementing management techniques that “set a tone” for a positive workplace culture, including developing procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of accommodations, educating  all employees on their right to accommodations, and providing sensitivity awareness  training to co-workers and supervisors.



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