Topic 11. Our employee resources: Disability information, contacts, and services for employees

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Ten key resources about disability inclusiveness for our employees
Here are 10 key resources (COMPANY NAME) employees can use to further their understanding of disability inclusiveness in our workplace

  1. ADA National Network provides free and confidential guidance around ADA issues.
  2. Job Accommodation Network offers employee's guidance and support on accommodation issues.
  3. American Association of People with Disabilities gives persons with disabilities a way to connect with the national disability community.
  4. offers a wide range of support for a range of disability issues, including caring for a family member with a disability.
  5. Talking About Your Disability At Work provides tips and guidance on talking about your disability in the workplace and how to ask for an accommodation.
  6. Veterans' Job Mission: Tips for Veterans offers tips and resources for veterans in the workforce.
  7. Disability Etiquette: Tips on Interacting with People with Disabilities provides simple tips for interacting with people with disabilities.
  8. (Insert here—Your company's own internal general resources for employees with disabilities, such as policy statements, posters, or departments)
  9. (Insert here—Your company's own employee resource groups or other networks that might be of interest to employees with disabilities and/or veterans)
  10. (Insert here—Your company's own contacts or designated services for employees around accommodations or other disability-related processes)



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If you want to learn more about this topic, contact the Northeast ADA Center.


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