Tool 10 - Our Manager Resources: Disability Information, Contacts, and Services

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The Communication Tools to Support Disability Inclusion Toolkit includes 11 templates to help managers with disability inclusion:

What’s Tool 10 About?

This topic includes both external and internal resources aimed at assisting managers with disability inclusion in the workplace. The external resources provide simple and clear messages that are relevant to managers and supervisors. 

Tips for using the Tool 10 template:

  • You may wish to change the order of the resources given, perhaps by starting with your own internal resources.
  • You will need to fill in information about your own internal resources. There are three types of internal resources you might want to provide, as shown in the message template. The first deals with your own internal policy/process statements around disability. The second addresses any employee resource groups or networks available. The third deals more specifically with the designated contacts in your company for dealing with disability issues such as hiring and accommodation.

You can copy and paste the template text below into a word processor and customize it for your organization. 

Our Manager Resources: Disability Information, Contacts, and Services

Ten key resources for managers and supervisors on leading for disability inclusion

Here are some valuable resources managers and supervisors can use to support their efforts to build disability inclusive work teams.

  • The ADA National Network provides free and confidential guidance around ADA issues.
  • The Job Accommodation Network offers managers across employment sectors guidance and support on accommodation issues.
  • Building an Inclusive Workforce provides a simple 4 step process to support disability inclusion on the work team.
  • The US Chamber of Commerce publication Leading Practices on Disability Inclusion gives a powerful business case for the why's and how's of disability inclusiveness in the workplace.
  • Think Beyond the Label provides a wide range of ideas for leading in a disability inclusive work team.
  • Disability Etiquette: Tips on Interacting with People with Disabilities provides simple tips for interacting with people with disabilities.
  • (COMPANY NAME) policies on including people with disabilities. (Insert here—Your company's own internal general resources for disability inclusiveness, such as policy statements, posters, or departments)
  • (COMPANY NAME) (INSERT DISABILITY RELATED EMPLOYEE RESOURCE GROUP) brings together employees who have a personal or professional interest in disability.
  • To find out more about disability and accommodation at (COMPANY NAME) contact (COMPANY CONTACT PERSON)
  • (COMPANY EAP NAME) supports employees who face challenges at work or in their personal lives. Contact (COMPANY EAP CONTACT) for support.

Want to learn more?

For more about this topic, visit or call the Northeast ADA Center at 800-949-4232.

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