Topic 3. Building trust: Making it safe to come forward with a disability

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Topic 3. Messages

What trust looks like
Trust is hard to define and even harder to measure. Yet, we instinctively know when it's there. When it isn't, our work lives are profoundly affected. Coming forward with a disability is not an easy decision. The experience that each employee has will affect what they decide to do in the future. Remember, you play a key role in setting the tone for disability inclusiveness in our company. Treat every employee with respect even if you don't fully understand the challenges they face. Also, be sure to respect their confidentiality. Begin by getting the ball rolling on their accommodation request or concern. To learn more, contact (COMPANY CONTACT INFORMATION).


Building trust: Three key points
Here's a few simple points about what to do and not to do to build trust around disability inclusiveness on your team.


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