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  • The ADA and Parking
    Accessible parking is a common feature in parking lots—and a common topic in questions posed on the Northeast ADA Center hotline.
  • Parking & Transportation Overview
    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has given us inspiration, guidance, and specific rules about parking and transportation.
  • How to File a Complaint
    If you feel that the ADA, or a related law, is not being followed, you can file a complaint. This article helps you figure out where to report the problem.
  • The Spirit of the ADA and Your Business
    If you are merely complying with the ADA to meet a legal requirement, you’re missing the true purpose—or spirit—of the ADA.
  • What Is the Americans with Disabilities Act?
    The ADA defines disability and has five titles (sections) that forbid a wide range of discrimination.

Ask About The ADA

  • Accessible On-street Parking
    Q: I've found the ADA standards for accessible parking in parking lots, but I have never found anything for street parking in the parts of a town that have marked-out or metered on-street parking...
  • Limits to Wheelchair Size on Buses
    Q: Can a transit provider deny service to a rider based on the size of the mobility device they use? A: The ADA DOT Regulations require that transit agencies provide service for riders with disabilit...
  • Service Animals on Public Transit
    Q: Are the rules for service animals different on public transportation than they are for service animals in other areas like restaurants and stores? A: The biggest difference between the Dept. of Tr...
  • If a business charges for its parking lot access, does someone with a disabled parking placard have to pay?
    If a business charges all individuals (including those without disabilities) for parking lot access, then yes, the business owner can charge people with disabilities for parking access. What would be...
  • Reserved Parking for Renters
    Q: I would like to have a reserved parking space at the apartment complex where I live because I have difficulty walking long distances due to my disability and the parking lot is first come, first se...

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