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  • Architectural Barriers Act (ABA)
    The Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) mandates that buildings and facilities that are designed, built, or funded with federal money be accessible to people with disabilities.
  • The ADA and Parking
    Accessible parking is a common feature in parking lots—and a common topic in questions posed on the Northeast ADA Center hotline.
  • State- and Territory-Based Accessibility Requirements
    Learn about the relationship between federal ADA standards and state or local accessibility standards, in the context of the built environment. Also find links to accessibility-related building codes...
  • The ADA and Title II Public Entities
    The ADA ensures access by people with disabilities to buildings, facilities, programs, services, and activities offered by state and local governments.
  • ADA Overview
    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an important civil rights law. It protects the rights of Americans who have a disability. Many rules concerning disabilities are based on the ADA. The goal...

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  • Access to Sports Facilities
    06/24/2015-  This webinar will provide an overview of the 2010 ADA Standards requirements for access to Sports Facilities. Topics covered will include Areas of indoor and outdoor sports activity, including c...
  • Access to Community Recreation Areas
    06/10/2015-  This webinar will provide an overview of the recreation areas required to be accessible under the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, including: amusement rides, boating facilities, fishin...
  • Building & Universal Design Q & A
    04/22/2015-  The Northeast ADA Center staff will answer the ADA and Universal Design building accessibility questions received from stakeholders and also address the most common questions related to building...
  • What’s Your Plan? Barrier Removal in Title III Entities. Part 4
    05/16/2014-  Part 4 of the series will discuss the remediation of the barriers to accessibility found in the site assessment process and discuss how to apply to the Barrier Removal Standard to determine if b...
  • Accessibility Update: Play Areas
    06/07/2013- Topics covered will include: -The 2010 ADA Standards scoping requirements for play areas (i.e. when are play areas required to be accessible?) -Participants will learn about the ADA’s Program Ac...