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  • Mental Health & College Students
    September 17, 2021
    Recognizing the struggle faced by college students with mental illnesses, Brittany Stone has set out to help students find accommodations and raise awareness about mental health issues among students....
  • Implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act in a Health Care Setting
    March 19, 2020
    Equal access to health care for individuals with disabilities is an ongoing challenge. The Northeast ADA will soon be offering a webinar based in part on this topic. People with disabilities lag be...
  • Making Sense of the Numbers
    January 30, 2020
    Recently, the Northeast ADA Center received an email that asked for direction in understanding estimates of the numbers and percentage of people with disabilities in the United States. The emailer w...
  • How to Engage in ADA Conversations
    May 28, 2021
    Like many people, I thought I knew enough about inclusivity when I began as a student employee for the Northeast ADA Center in September 2019. But in my time working with the Americans with Disabiliti...
  • Teaching during COVID—ADA Considerations
    August 18, 2020
    As the world continues to grapple with the risks and restrictions caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the school year is about to begin. Some school districts will offer classes virtually, oth...