Rehabilitation Act

The Rehabilitation Act prohibits any program or activity receiving federal funding from discriminating against people with disabilities. It has several sections, each of which concerns a different area of possible discrimination, such as federal workplace practices, architectural barriers, access to programs and services, procurement of electronic and informational goods and services—including websites—and more.

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Top Five Historic Moments in Disability Rights
1968, Architectural Barriers Act passed
1972, Ed Roberts and others establish the first Center for Independent Living
1973, Rehabilitation Act Section 504 passed
1988, Dr. I. King Jordan named first Deaf President of Gallaudet University
1990, Americans with Disabilities Act passed, amended 2008
Important ADA Activists: Judith Heumann
Infographic titled 'Important ADA Activists: Judith Heumann'
Disability rights leader. Founder of Disabled in Action (1970). Led a sit-in to pass the regulations to implement Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
Quote: 'Disability only becomes a tragedy for me when society fails to provide the things we need to lead our lives-job opportunities or barrier-free buildings, for example. It is not a tragedy to me that I'm living in a wheelchair.'
Quote source: Joseph S. P. Shapiro, No Pity: People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement, page 20, (New York: Times Books, 1993).
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