Program access

In the context of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), program access is a technical term. Very generally, program access means that a person with a disability can participate in a program or service offered by a public entity (state or local government), so long as there is some reasonable way to make it happen. One reasonable way would be to move a class, meeting, or other offering to an accessible location, if one is needed. (This is somewhat different from the type of access required by the ADA in Title III for public accommodations.)

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Program Access
Social media image that says: What is program access under Title II of the ADA? It's an equal opportunity for a person with a disability to benefit from a public entity's programs or services. The photo shows a person smiling in a swimming pool. The photo also shows that he has an arm without a hand.
Accessible Camping
Infographic titled 'Accessible Camping': Only 7% of accredited camps offer inclusive services so that children with and without disabilities can participate together. Under the ADA, campus run by state/local government and by private organizations must provide physical and program access for campers with disabilities.
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